• Raptor Technologies

    Raptor Technologies
    Visitor Management System


    Rantoul City Schools 137 is using an Online Visitor Management System called Raptor Technologies.  This school safety system allows visitors to check-in safely just by swiping their driver’s license.  A picture ID sticker will be printed for the visitor and can be easily seen by all building staff and students. 

    We will be screening every visitor, including contractors, parents/guardians, and volunteers. After initial registration, visitors can then check in via a self-service kiosk and will be able to easily scan as they exit and check out of the building.


    The print badge will include the visitor’s photo, name, date, time of entry, school building name, and the visitor’s destination within the school.


    This system will generate an accurate, reliable district-wide and school-level report with complete sign-in/sign-out history on a daily basis, allowing us quick access to who is in the building in the event of an emergency.  

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